Fresh fruit delivery for your next event or conference

Have fruit delivered to your next Conference or Event! 

Are you interested in fruit deliveries for your next festival, conference or event? If so, Eatfruit is the company that you can trust for this service.

Wherever you are, we can serve you 

Whether you would like to order the delivery of fruit to your Liverpool office to encourage healthy eating among your workers, or even just to help keep your staff happy and energised throughout their day, nothing does the job like a fruit delivery box from Eatfruit. 

Not just refreshing fruit, but fair fruit 

Eatfruit’s mission isn’t merely to supply fresh and juicy fruit to offices in and around Liverpool – it’s also to do all of the other things we can (realistically!) do to make the world a better and fairer place.

That means paying a fair price to our growers and producers, as well as sourcing as much of our fruit as possible from the UK and Western Europe. It also means keeping our food miles down by running eco, carbon-neutral delivery routes, and using reusable crates or fully recyclable cardboard to minimise packaging waste. 

Eatfruit | The Office Fruit Delivery Company

Oh, and we supply so much more than fruit… 

As much as we love delivering high-quality, flavour-packed fruit directly to offices all around Liverpool and beyond, it’s hardly the only thing we deliver. That’s because your office can also receive deliveries of a wide variety of fresh milk and healthy snacks – all the better for keeping you and your colleagues topped up and refreshed right through the day. 

You might turn to us with an interest in having fruit, milk and/or other pantry items delivered directly to your workplace, or you might more specifically wish to order boxes of healthy snacks. 

Each of our snack boxes, for example, contains a range of premium single serve snacks to suit everyone’s tastes. It’s all presented in an attractive display unit, with the contents rotating weekly to ensure your teams never get bored. 

With the likes of beef jerky, veggie crisps, peanut butter, protein bars and broad bean crisps included in each box, you can be sure that everyone will be satisfied by the healthy snacks on offer. 

Don’t wait any longer! 

Whatever your preferences and needs, our deliveries of fruit, milk, snacks and other items to your Liverpool office can be a great way to save time and money purchasing such goods, so that your workforce can focus squarely on producing their best performance. 

So, why hesitate to place your order today?  

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